Winter 2018 Update:

  • We are technically open for business, but it is still pretty cold/rainy/windy out there.  During this time of year, we only do full-day rentals to experienced kayakers who have very firm self-rescue skills.  The air & water temps are such that in the event of a capsize, people only have about 5 minutes to get themselves back in their boat. 
  • We will run our Langley Marina tour this time of year, but only do so if the daytime temperature is 50 or above.  We do not guarantee availability or have a set schedule, so please give us a call at 360-221-0229 if you are interested. 
  • We regularly check our voicemail and email, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are accepting 2018 reservations for large groups (6 or more people).

We offer:

  • A wide variety of tours for both beginner and experienced explorers.  
  • Tour sizes that are usually small and intimate, but we welcome large groups too!
  • Experienced and friendly guides that choose the best course for that day, so you may be treated to panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains - from Baker to Rainer and all the peaks between, or you may get to see Langley, the Village-By-The-Sea.  
  • Activities just for night owls: bioluminescent experiences or try paddling by the full moon!
  • Critters! Our guests frequently see majestic bald eagles, curious harbor seals, dungeness crab, and great blue herons. Whidbey's eastern shoreline is popular with gray whales in the spring and orca whales cruise all around the island in the fall. 
  • We also offer kayak and stand-up paddleboard (SUP) rentals. Full day rentals are available for experienced paddlers most of the year and hourly rentals are available during the summertime from our Langley marina location. 

Our tours engage all of your senses:

  • SMELL the salt from the Salish sea and the woodsy perfume of Douglas firs and cedars
  • FEEL the power of the current with your paddle
  • LISTEN to eagles' cries and kingfishers' rattles
  • SEE mountains, evergreens, beaches, wildlife and small villages
  • TASTE have you ever tried fresh seaweed?   Yum!


This is what can happen on a Whidbey Island Kayaking tour.  This is one of our friendly seals having a good time.  Also a good demonstration of how to get up on a kayak if for some reason you end up in the water.