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Our shorter, yet still sweet, tours...

Our short 2-hour tours are perfect for those who are new to kayaking, families, or for those who are trying to see and do everything that Whidbey has to offer in a short amount of time. With a backdrop of Whidbey and Camano islands, a majestic view of the Cascade mountains, and a range of wildlife from seals, crabs, eagles, heron, (and sometimes whales!), plus a ‘paddle 101’ lesson from our guides, these tours are an easy and convenient way to get out onto the water.

  • Langley Marina Kayak Tour
    Conveniently launched from our location at the marina in Langley, this is an easy way to get out on the water. Have fun searching for seals, crabs, and eagles while enjoying panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains and learning about Langley’s past and present. $59 per person plus tax

  • Early Morning Light Kayak Tour
    Early birds rejoice! Morning paddles are lovely because the winds are usually calmest and the water is smooth as glass. On clear days, the water reflects the golden, eastern morning light and showcases the glory of the Cascade mountain range. Cloudy mornings are beautiful too, with the fog amplifying the morning birdsong and the rhythm of your paddle strokes. $59 per person plus tax

  • Private Twosome Kayak Tour
    This tour is a wonderful way to share some quality time or celebrate an occasion with that special someone — your BFF, spouse, or family. In addition to having your own kayak guide, other benefits of this option are a flexible start time and the choice of paddling together in a tandem kayak or opting for your own singles. We suggest some starting times, but often can accommodate other times if you give us a call. Please book at least 2 days in advance to ensure availability. $79 per person plus tax

Whidbey Half Day Kayak Adventures aka
‘The Real Deals with Seals’

Explore kelp beds and bays, spy seals and eagles, and enjoy some beach-combing too!
Our half-day adventures are for those who want a leisurely paddle, lasting memories, and more time to enjoy the beauty of Whidbey Island and its coasts. We begin these four to five-hour adventures from a couple of our most favorite launches on the island. The paddling is scenic from all 3 spots with mountain views, rural coastlines and lots of wildlife. We always take at least one beach break to stretch our legs, hunt for shells and have a snack. $99 per person, plus tax. Morning start times that vary with location

  • Possession Point Half Day Kayak Adventure
    Feel the demands of hurried days slip away as we launch from this remote, rocky park at the southernmost tip of Whidbey. Enjoy views of both the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, look for crabs in kelp beds, hear eagle and osprey cries, and spot seals and sea lions basking on rocks and boys. This is a great choice for people taking the ferry the mainland for the day since it’s a 10 minute drive from the Clinton ferry dock.
    $99 per person, plus tax ~ Morning start times that vary with location

  • Penn Cove Half Day Kayak Adventure
    Penn Cove has tons of marine life, from curious seals to the coolest jellyfish, but is especially known for its bird populations. Penn Cove is a designated IBA, “Important Birding Area,” by the Audubon Society. Winds and tides determine our paddle direction, but this tour doesn’t disappoint whichever way you go... seals and birds basking on mussel docks or spectacular views of Saratoga Passage and Camano Island. This is a convenient tour for those who are based in Coupeville or Oak Harbor.
    $99 per person, plus tax ~ Morning start times that vary with location

  • Saratoga Passage Half Day Kayak Adventure
    This departs from the marina in Langley, the ‘Village By the Sea’ which has lots of great shops, lodging, and dining. Although we launch from town, we leave the bustle behind after a few strokes. Regardless of the direction the wind and tides take us, the journey is scenic with views of the Cascade mountains, Whidbey’s rural shoreline and the cliffs of Camano Island. This tour is the best for a chance to glimpse the ‘Saratoga Grays’, the gray whales that frequent Puget Sound from March – May. We also always keep an eye out for seals, eagles, and herons.
    $99 per person, plus tax ~ Morning start times that vary with location

    Special Seasonal Opportunities

  • The Nighttime Bioluminescence Experience
    Join us for a truly memorable experience: exploring the bioluminescence in the waters of the Saratoga Passage. As you move away from the lights on shore, venturing further out into the dark of the new moon, you will experience Mother Nature’s own light show in the water beneath you. Our guides keep you in safe areas for using the kayaks, your paddles, and other provided toys as a way to play with the incredible bioluminescent phenomena. Plan for about 1.5 – 2 hours.
    $75 per person plus tax ~ August 2,3,4 and August 30, 31 and Sept 1 ~ 9pm

  • Birdwatching Kayak Tour of Penn Cove
    Please join us for a morning of birdwatching and kayaking Whidbey’s Penn Cove, a large and protected salt water cove. This area is a haven for aquatic birds and is a designated IBA (Important Bird Area) by Washington Audubon. This trip is lead by a birding guide who identifies and discusses the birds and their habitat and a kayak guide for safety and paddling instruction. We provide walkie-talkies to guests so they can communicate easily with the bird guide while on the water. We offer this special outing only in the spring and fall so that we observe a wider variety of birds during their seasonal migrations. Plan for about 3-3.5 hours.
    $89 per person plus tax ~ Saturday Sept 21

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