The Nighttime Bioluminescence Experience

 Join us for a truly memorable experience: exploring the bioluminescence in the waters of the Saratoga Passage.  As you move away from the lights on shore, venturing further out into the dark, you will experience Mother Nature's own light show of sparkles in the water beneath you and the twinkling of stars above you. This outing isn’t usually much of a kayak tour; so if you want to paddle hard, then consider one of our daytime tours. Instead we use the kayaks and our paddles as a way to get up close to and play with the incredible bioluminescent phenomena. We start these tours at 10:00pm only on nights around the new moon in the mid to late summertime, when the skies are darkest for best viewing. We have you back on the beach sometime between 11:30pm and midnight. 


Bioluminescence is the emission of light by living organisms through chemical reactions. There are a number of biological organisms capable of bioluminescence, including fireflies, glow worms, certain fungi, and certain marine dinoflagellates, which we have here in the Puget Sound.

ALL GUESTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A HEADLAMP.  If you don't have your own or are able to borrow one, you may rent one from us when you make your reservation for $15.00.  We don't have a lot of extra stock, so you must reserve one when you make your reservation.  

Summer 2018 Dates: 

  • Friday July 13th and Saturday July 14th

  • Friday August 10th and Saturday August 11th

  • Friday September 7th and Saturday September 8th

Duration: 2 hours
Start Time: 10:00pm
Price: $69.00 per person, plus WA State sales tax and a $1 administration fee.  
Launch Location: Langley Marina, 201 Wharf St. 

**We must have a minimum of 4 guests to run a Bioluminescence Experience.  If there are fewer than 4 people, we reserve the right to ask guests to reschedule or to pick another tour.