Become a WIK member to improve your paddling skills, learn more about your paddling environment and build your community connections!

We’ve had many requests from you--our Whidbey neighbors--for more opportunities to get out on the water safely but also for ways to connect with others who want to paddle just like you. We’re happy to now offer two types of memberships for 2019. This is a great opportunity for the frequent paddler or someone trying to get more experience and learn more about the sport.

*This is a trial, so we only have a limited number of memberships available. We will be asking for feedback and may revise the program further next year.


Full Membership - $500 (good thru October 2019)

  • Unlimited single kayak paddling in our monitored area in Langley: 2 hour limit; any time on weekdays and before noon on weekends.

  • 2 free deliveries of a single kayak to launches on the south end of Whidbey (if skills permit)

  • Free admission to any and all of our kayaking clinics.

  • 2 guide-supported social group paddles per month, $20 per trip

  • 20% off any add’l rentals that aren’t already included in your membership (if skills permit and equipment is available).

  • 20% off group tours (up to 8 people)

  • 20% off any WIK merchandise

Social membership - $275 (good thru October 2019)

  • Free admission to any and all of our kayaking clinics

  • 2 guide-supported social group paddles per month, $20 per trip

  • 20% off any rentals (if skills permit and equipment is available)

  • 20% off group tours (up to 8 people)

  • 20% off any WIK merchandise

The fine print:

Float plans for any rentals outside of our monitored area must be pre-approved and should be appropriate for your skill level. We reserve the right to ask you to take one of our clinics to ensure that you have the appropriate skills.

Members are encouraged to reserve kayaks at least 24 hours in advance in order to ensure availability of their desired equipment and ideal timing. We will try to accommodate any immediate requests as our equipment and staffing allow.

Members must sign up for any social group paddles at least 24 hrs in advance.

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Social Group Paddles

Social group paddles are $20 for members and $50 for non-members.
Participants may use their own kayak if it meets our requirements or rent from us.
Participants do need to have some basic kayaking skills and experience. Requirements are below.

Tuesday September 3rd 1:00pm - 4:00pm: Glendale to Possession Point

Launching from the Glendale Beach Public Access site, this mellow paddle will take us along the beautiful rural coastline of Possession Point. We will paddle south with the outgoing tide and poke our noses out towards Cultus Bay before returning as the tide switches to our backs once more. We can expect to see plenty of marine life, bald eagles, and - with Mother Nature’s approval - mountain views of both the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. Join us for this unique opportunity to enjoy an oft overlooked section of the island!

Total paddling distance between 5-7 miles. Plan for approximately 2 hours on the water, with a beach break at the south end of Possession Point.

Social Group Requirements

Boat & Gear:

  • Rigid Kayak (no inflatables) with sealed bulkheads or float bags in bow and stern.

  • Rigid Deck lines on bow and stern of kayak

  • Pump and paddle Float

  • US Coast Guard approved Type III or V PFD

***All kayaks must be pre-inspected, either in person or by photo. We want to make sure that we can rescue you if anything goes wrong. If you are missing any of this gear, please let us know in advance and we can provide it at a nominal cost.

Personal Skills & Experience:

  • Have performed a wet exit in the kayak you will be paddling (if bringing own kayak).

  • Have performed a self or assisted rescue in the kayak you will be paddling (if bringing own kayak).

  • Maintain a paddling speed of 2 knots or 2 mph. (This is roughly equivalent to paddling from the Langley Marina to the Sandy Point dock and back in an hour and a half. If you don’t know if you can do it, come down and try!)

These requirements are for everyone’s safety while on the water. We are potentially bringing together a variety of paddlers with different experience levels, so it is imperative that each individual is capable of taking care of themselves. The trip leader can only care for so many boats at one time. We can discuss personal limitations and other options on an individual basis.

If you haven’t done a wet exit or rescue yet, then consider one of our kayaking clinics. We can also set up private instruction on other dates to fit your schedule and individual needs.